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The Foundation

Who we are

The Foundation was established in 2001 with the purpose of promoting nursing research and contributing to the body of knowledge for the advancement of patient care.

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Research & Grants

What we do

The Nursing Research Foundation distributes funds to support research, both novice researchers as well as providing funds for larger research projects.

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Donation & Sponsorship

You can make a difference

The Foundation needs your help to fund essential research. There are a number of ways to help to support the Foundation. All donations are tax deductible.

Alison Roddy RN

“The Foundation funded research conducted by Alison Roddy RN and colleagues. The research focussed on  effective flagging systems  that identify patients who are or have the potential to be aggressive. This system will minimise or prevent harm to patients, staff and relatives. This program is currently being considered for  implementation into hospitals in the East Metropolitan Health Service.”

Maha Rajagopal, Area Director of Nursing, East Metropolitan Area Health Service

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