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Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project

Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Group

Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project Update July 2019

The Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care (ANMC) initiative has been successfully rolled out to 22 clinical areas across the Royal Perth Bentley Group (RPBG).  Highlighted baseline findings revealed that:

  • Patient allocation model of care was reported to be the most frequently used model within the organisation.
  • The Nursing Team Work Survey reported that only 50-75% of the time nurses felt that they experienced ‘trust’, ‘team orientation’, ‘backup’, ‘team leadership’ that their colleagues had a full understanding their roles and responsibilities when working in a team.
  • The majority (81.8%) of nurses stated that safety shift huddles made them more informed about risks in their area
  • Yet when asked if the huddle improved patient safety, 51% of nurses responded that they either didn’t agree or were unsure.
  • Patients were asked also to rate their inpatient experience with the majority of findings showing that:
      • Their views and concerns were always listened to.
      • Their needs were always met.
      • They always felt cared for.
      • They were involved in decisions about their care.
      • They were always kept informed.
  • The bedside handover evaluation is in progress and the no pass call bell strategy has also been implemented.

These baseline findings do highlight the need for techniques to improve staff/patient communication, collaboration and responsiveness. It is anticipated that the ANMC strategies will significantly improve patient care by utilising a more holistic approach with patients and their families which is underpinned by a strong, safe and efficient team culture.