EMHS Excellence Awards

At this year’s East Metropolitan Health Service Excellence Awards,  two nursing research projects were finalists.

The Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Project

This project evaluated a nurse led clinic  to address a back log in glaucoma patients receiving specialist eye care.

The clinic at RPH provided an extra 512 appointments for non complex glaucoma patients which then allowed 512 more complex glaucoma patients to be seen by our ophthalmologists.


East Metropolitan Health Service
Excellence Symposium
Nurse-Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic
Jean-Louis Desousa, Lauren Entwistle, Jeanne Young, Meredyth Haigh, Fiona MacDonald, Neil Cowan

The Mental Health Emergency Response Programme

The Mental Health Emergency Response Programme provides nurses and doctors with simulation education to help staff develop their skills in dealing with emergency mental health situations.


East Metropolitan Health Service
Excellence Symposium
Mental Health Emergency Response Project (MHERP)
Lucia Gillman, Jeanne Young, David Stevens, Kylie Fawcett, Danen Engelenberg, Hannah Midani, Jess Vinci, Jasmine Trethewey


Congratulations to both research teams!

Paywise Raffle Dec 2021

2021 RPH Nursing Research Foundation Raffle Results


The 2021 RPH Nursing Research Foundation raffle had a fantastic outcome raising $6000 for nursing research projects.

This year the raffle went online and certainly paid benefits, reaching a wider audience.

Thank you to everyone who bought tickets in our NRF raffle for your support in making it such a success!

Special thanks to Judi from Paywise Salary Packaging who generously donated the major prize of an iPad.

Judi awarded the prize to ICU nurse Sarah Shaw,  congratulations Sarah.


Paywise Raffle Dec 2021

Thank you to all our raffle sponsors as we could not have raised these funds without your generosity:

A very special thank you to our committee member Wendy Barker, who organised, sourced prizes and successfully marketed the raffle.

Well done Wendy for all you hard work.

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NRF 2019 - 2021 Biennial Report

The Nursing Research Seminar – 7 Minute Presentations


The Nursing Research Seminar held on the 23 September 2021 was opened by Ms Dori Lombardi Director of Nursing for Royal Perth and Bentley Hospitals.

Dori Lombardi EDON opened the seminar

The Seminar was sponsored by the RPH Nursing Foundation and supported by Paywise Salary Packaging.

Kylie Fawcett spoke on Mental Health Emergency Response Program


Irina Shevchenko spoke on a Trial to Reduce Groin Puncture Site Complications


Using a 7 minute presentation format staff heard about research being undertaken in the areas of:

· MH Emergency Response Simulation

· Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic

· Transradial Band Removal Practices for PCI

· Comprehensive Care

· Nurse Practitioner Model of Care in Nephrology

· Randomised Controlled Trial to Reduce Groin Puncture Site Complications

· Sepsis Awareness in ED Patients

· Remote Monitoring of Critically Ill Patient Simulation.


Nursing Research Seminar BHLT


Nursing Research Seminar BHLT


The seminar was attended by 50 nurses across RPH and Bentley who engaged with the presenters asking many questions about the studies.

150 showbags were distributed to attendees and ward nurses to further promote nursing research across both hospitals.



RPBG Nursing Research Seminar: 7 Minute Slammers

Using a 7 minute presentation format you will hear about:

  • MH Emergency Response Simulation – Kylie Fawcett
  • Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic – Lauren Entwistle
  • Transradial Band Removal Practices for PCI – Ejay Astilla
  • Comprehensive Care – Nick May
  • Nurse Practitioner Model of Care in Nephrology – Rebecca Bartlett
  • RCT to Reduce Groin Puncture Site Complications – Irina Shevchenko
  • Sepsis Awareness in ED Patients – Jonathan Burcham
  • Remote Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients – Jeanne Young

Where: Bruce Hunt Lecture Theatre

When: 23 September, 13:30–15:30hrs

Join: Bentley Training Room, Block A via MS Teams


Sponsored by the RPH Nursing Research Foundation



Winners are grinners and you’ll be grinning from ear to ear if you’re one of seven lucky winners of our raffle!

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N. May, J. Young & L. Gillman 

Focus on Health Professional Education Journal. 22;2.2021



Ongoing professional education is an essential activity to ensure that hospital staff are using the best available evidence to deliver healthcare. Hospital staff from a range of professional groups cite increasing work volume and being too time poor to complete or attend education. To address this issue, a new 5-minute online education format (Take 5) was developed.


A descriptive study using a short evaluation survey was undertaken at Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Western Australia, to evaluate interprofessional healthcare staffs’ levels of engagement with the new education format.


The Take 5 education format facilitated the development of over 120 topics available via an intranet library page. During the study, it received 26,623 hits, averaging 19.3 visits per day. Topics were downloaded 45,611 times. Medication discrepancies (n = 1,326) and personal protective equipment (PPE) conservation (n = 1,115) were the most frequently downloaded. A total of 2,001 evaluation surveys were received, with nursing and medicine having the highest participation. The majority of staff (n = 1,895; 94.4%) rated the resource as having “good” to “high” quality content. Qualitative data showed that the topics were informative, easy to access and understand and perceived to help the participants change their clinical practice.


The Take 5 uptake has been strong and sustained, as highlighted by the substantive utilisation and evaluation. The concept was not designed to replace formal education but to act as an adjunct, providing key education to meet staff demands. It provided immediacy of information and quality evidence-based content and directed the learner to more formal learning content and resources.

Can you identify a sepsis symptom?

A new nursing research project at Royal Perth Hospital is aiming to help more patients spot the signs of this life-threatening condition which accounted for 19.7% of all global deaths in 2017.

RPH Emergency Department Nurse Jonathon ‘Jono’ Burcham received the Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant ($20,000) to study the level of sepsis awareness in patients attending ED.

The Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant  is a jointly funded initiative between the RPH Nursing Research Foundation and the RPH Research Foundation.

Jono’s project will explore how to maximise patients’ retention of vital health information about sepsis.

Signs and symptoms of sepsis include:

  • rapid breathing.
  • rapid heart rate.
  • confusion, slurred speech or disorientation.
  • fever or shivering.
  • muscle pain.
  • not passing urine.
  • discoloured skin.

Congratulations Jono, we look forward to hearing about your research findings!

Gavin Leslie Lifetime Achievement Honour Award

Lifetime Achievement Honour Awarded

Professor Gavin Leslie was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Honour Awards at the WA Nursing and Midwifery Excellence Awards announced recently.

Gavin was honoured for the significant impact he has made to the nursing and midwifery professions on a local, national and international level.

Gavin has worked in critical care for almost 40 years. He was founding president of the Confederation of Australian Critical Care Nurses (now Australian College of Critical Care Nurses) and is also a life member.

He was editor-in-chief of Australian Critical Care (2000-2016) and  has been involved in research grants investigating adverse events after ICU discharge, fluid management and renal replacement therapies, pressure area prevention, wound management, rehabilitation of survivors of critical illness, enteral feeding and rapid response systems and care.

He has published over 140 peer reviewed articles and journal editorials, 5 book chapters, and over $3.8M in research grants and postdoctoral fellowships.

Gavin is also an active member of the RPH Nursing Research Foundation, where he Chairs the Grants Committee.

Congratulations Gavin for your many achievements in nursing.