Latest News! Nursing Research Foundation Grants 2018

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Applications for the Nursing Research Foundation 2018 Grants round has closed. The successful applicant(s) will be announced shortly.

Doreen McCarthy Grant

This inaugural joint funded grant between RPH Nursing Research Foundation and the RPH Medical Research Foundation recognizes the significant contribution to RPH and the nursing profession by Mrs Doreen McCarthy.

Doreen completed her nursing training at RPH 1958. She was appointed to the position of Director of Nursing at RPH in 1990. During her period of tenure as Director of Nursing, major changes in the administrative structure of the hospital were introduced. She participated in the establishment of the original East Metropolitan Area Health Service, and the introduction of the new divisional structure at RPH. Doreen also identified the need for the establishment of the Nursing Professorial position at RPH.

Prior to her time at RPH Doreen played a key state-wide role in the implementation of the current nursing career structure. This new structure emphasised, amongst others, the key role of the Clinical Nurse, Clinical Nurse specialist and the Nurse Researcher positions.

On leaving RPH in December 1994, Doreen under took consultancy work for the Health Department of W.A. In 1999 Doreen was approached by the Vice Chancellor of the University of Notre Dame to establish the School of Nursing at Notre Dame, where she was appointed the Professor of Nursing, undertaking the establishment and development of the new nursing

Amazing Nursing Care

Amazing Nursing Care is about how we as nurses work together with our clinical and support teams to improve the patient experience.

We already provide excellent quality safe care, yet as high performing teams we are always reaching and driving better outcomes and experiences for our patients and their families as that in turn improves our own work life and satisfaction.

Amazing Nursing Care is our promise to our profession and our patients that we will deliver what matters most.


Our Program has five streams of work

  1. Team Nursing
  2. Shift Safety Huddle
  3. Bedside handover
  4. No Pass Call Bell
  5. Care Rounding


In line with our 1000 day challenge, we will continue to meet our commitment to serve our community and deliver care that is safe, personal and responsive to the needs of the unique individuals who put their trust in us.