Latest News! Nursing Research Foundation Grant 2018 has been awarded

nurses working with patient

Congratulations Royal Perth Bentley Group – Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project which is the recipient of the 2018 FNR Grant

The Foundation for Nursing Research (FNR) has awarded the Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project a $10,000 grant. The principal researchers on the grant are Dr Heather Kidd (RN), Dr Lucia Gillman (RN), Ms Dori Lombardi (RN) and Ms Maha Rajagopal (RN).

The aim of this nursing research project is to enhance nursing care by standardising the delivery of nursing team work and implementing initiatives such as bedside handover, shift safety huddles, a no pass bell call protocol and intentional rounding.  The project will undertake a robust evaluation of these five core initiatives across the Royal Perth Bentley Group.

Dr Heather Kidd, Nursing Director of Organisational Learning & Development stated that,

“Nurses work in a dynamic and complex environment and team work is a critical component in the delivery of high quality, patient centred care. This FNR funding is critical to improving and evaluating the care we provide to our patients.”