Nursing Research  

The NRF supports the conduct of clinically relevant research across the Royal Perth and Bentley hospitals.

The goal of Nursing Research is about achieving and delivering better standards of care to both patient and their families.

Nursing Research is vital to improve nursing practice and ensure it is based on sound scientific evidence.

Benefits of Nursing Research

  • Ensures nursing practice remains current to meet changing demands
  • Enhances our patients’ care experience
  • Improves clinical knowledge and expertise
  • Provides scientific evidence that adds to national and international literature

Read our Health Promotion statement document here.

Research Projects


EMHS Excellence Awards

EMHS Excellence Awards At this year’s East Metropolitan Health Service Excellence Awards,  two nursing research projects were finalists. The Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Project This project evaluated a nurse led clinic  to address a…

Designing & Evaluating 5-minute eLearning For Busy Hospital Staff

N. May, J. Young & L. Gillman  Focus on Health Professional Education Journal. 22;2.2021 Abstract Introduction: Ongoing professional education is an essential activity to ensure that hospital staff are using the best available evidence…
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$20K Nursing Research Grant Awarded To Help Patients Spot Signs Of Sepsis

Can you identify a sepsis symptom? A new nursing research project at Royal Perth Hospital is aiming to help more patients spot the signs of this life-threatening condition which accounted for 19.7% of all global deaths in 2017. RPH Emergency…
Glaucoma Grant Funding

Grant Funding Received for a RPH Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic Project

Grant Funding Received for a RPH Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic Project The WA Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust has awarded $14,960 to Jeanne Young, Lauren Entwistle, Jean-Louis DeSousa, Meredyth Haigh, Fiona MacDonald, Kim Hill to evaluate…
Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of Critically Ill Patients Project (RMCIP) Research Grant

Remote Monitoring of Critically ill Patients Project (RMCIP) Congratulations to Mr Timothy Leen, Ms Kylie Fawcett, Ms Jeanne Young, Dr Heather Kidd, Dr Timothy Bowles, Ms Katie Khoury who were awarded a $137,323 Clinical Simulation and Training…
Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Group
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Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project

Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care Project Update September 2020 The Amazing Nursing and Midwifery Care project is our promise to our profession and our patients that we are committed to no patient harm and delivering what matters most. The…

Mental Health Emergency Response Simulation Education Programme

The Department of Health, Clinical Simulation and Training Grants awarded to RPBG Nursing and Medical Education Team. Chief Medical Officer, Dr Michael Levitt presented a $50,000 Clinical Simulation and Training Grant to Dr Lucia Gillman,…

Combined Bedside Risk Assessment: CoBRA

        Congratulations to the Royal Perth Bentley Group CoBRA Project team, whose work has just been published by the international Journal of Nursing Care Quality. The CoBRA project, led by Dr Heather Kidd, RPBG…

Rapid Access for Patients Imminent Delivery (RAPID) Project

  Best available evidence shows that the decision to delivery interval (DDI) and emergency caesarean section (CS) should be no more than 30-60 minutes if maternal or fetal compromise is to be prevented. Bentley Health Service (BHS)…

Does Immersive Medical Emergency Treatment Response Simulation Improve Self Efficacy?

A medical emergency team (MET) response requires an integrated and coordinated approach if optimal patient outcomes are to be achieved. Enhanced learning through simulation training has been used successfully to improve both technical and non-technical…
nurses working with patient
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Two Person IV Medication Administration

Background: This project aimed to evaluate the safety, efficiency and cost of a two person independent IV medication administration procedure to the bedside compared to current single person IV medication administration. A secondary…

Comprehensive Care Making Health Care Delivery Safer

                                                   The WA Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust has awarded $10,000 to the Comprehensive Care (CC) Project led by Dr Heather Kidd, Nursing Director…
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Implementation of Visual Risk Alerts at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH).

RPH recognised that there were significant gaps in how the risk of patient aggression was communicated to staff, in particular those with limited or no access to patient documentation, electronic patient information systems or verbal handover. The…
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Flagging Systems

Update! Alert Systems in use at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) for Patient Aggression, How they Affect Identified High Risk Staff Groups and Alert Systems in Similar Hospitals.  RPH has a significant organisational and occupational safety and…
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Hospital Discharge Stage 2

Improving the hospital discharge process to minimize patient readmission: a partnership with consumers. This proposal is based upon findings of pilot work for improving patient discharge processes undertaken in 2017 in the Acute Medical Unit1. The…

Frequently Asked Questions

The current nursing staff can join the Foundation with a simple payroll deduction of $1 per week. Please see your Nurse Manager who can help you with this process or send us a message.

All former members of the nursing staff of the hospital who make a donation per annum to the foundations during the term of their membership.

Grants for research projects are available to any nurse who is a member of the RPH Nursing Research Foundation.

The researcher will need to submit the application for a research grant in the timeframe indicated during the grant cycle. The dates of the cycle will be advertised on the Royal Perth Hub, Foundations website. The application forms will be available on the Foundation website.

Royal Perth Bentley Group, Nurse Researcher, ph 92242976

The grant awarded will be for the duration of the project even if the project continues longer than the year.