RPH Ex Trainees & Association Inaugural Travel Grant 2019 awarded to Jonathon Burcham RN

The RPH Ex-Trainees & Assoc. (Nurses who trained at Royal Perth Hospital before Universities educated nurses) have announced their Inaugural Travel Award.

The award will assist Jonathon Bucham RN to  attend the 2020 International Conference for Emergency Nurses in Queensland to present on sepsis research at RPH. Jonathon is keen to share his experiences with colleagues upon returning from the conference.

He is the Clinical Nurse Manager for the Centre for Clinical Research in Emergency Research; he is a member of the College of Emergency Nurses Australasia and a member of the EMHS sepsis Working Committee-responsible for the design and implementation of the EMHS sepsis pathway across Armadale and Royal Perth Hospitals.

Congratulations Jonathon.