The RPH Nursing Research Foundation 2022-23 Grant Applications are Now Open!


Providing grants to a total of $15,000 for financial assistance to nurses working in or with the Royal Perth Bentley Group pursuing research projects in 2022-2023. See the flyer here.

Closing Date: Monday, 18 July 2022

New Researchers are encouraged to apply.

For grant application and information packages contact:

Amanda Campbell
Executive Assistant to the Area Director of Nursing, Midwifery & Patient Support
Royal Perth Bentley Group
T: 9224-2198

For grant queries and general information:

Emeritus Professor Gavin Leslie
Curtin Nursing School, Curtin University
T: 0401 103 344

Jennifer Nicholas
A/Nurse Educator (Research) NP CDE
Royal Perth Bentley Group
T: 0428 404 086

Can you identify a sepsis symptom?

A new nursing research project at Royal Perth Hospital is aiming to help more patients spot the signs of this life-threatening condition which accounted for 19.7% of all global deaths in 2017.

RPH Emergency Department Nurse Jonathon ‘Jono’ Burcham received the Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant ($20,000) to study the level of sepsis awareness in patients attending ED.

The Doreen McCarthy Nursing Research Grant  is a jointly funded initiative between the RPH Nursing Research Foundation and the RPH Research Foundation.

Jono’s project will explore how to maximise patients’ retention of vital health information about sepsis.

Signs and symptoms of sepsis include:

  • rapid breathing.
  • rapid heart rate.
  • confusion, slurred speech or disorientation.
  • fever or shivering.
  • muscle pain.
  • not passing urine.
  • discoloured skin.

Congratulations Jono, we look forward to hearing about your research findings!

Glaucoma Grant Funding

Grant Funding Received for a RPH Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic Project

The WA Nurses Memorial Charitable Trust has awarded $14,960 to Jeanne Young, Lauren Entwistle, Jean-Louis DeSousa, Meredyth Haigh, Fiona MacDonald, Kim Hill to evaluate a Nurse Led Glaucoma Assessment Clinic Project.

Glaucoma is a serious, irreversible optic neuropathy that can result in permanent loss of vision (Tham et al, 2015). Glaucoma is known to increase with age with an estimated 1:200 Australians over the age of 40 years having the condition, with this increasing dramatically to 1:8 Australians who are aged over 80 years.

Alarmingly, 50% of people with glaucoma are not aware they have the condition (Glaucoma Australia, 2020). Given the slow progression of this disease, early diagnosis along with appropriate monitoring coupled with tailored education are integral requirements to preserving vision.

Research evaluating Nurse Led Clinics for ophthalmology patients is very limited but available findings have demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of a nurse led clinic (Sandinha et al; 2012; Slight et al., 2009; Kirkwood et al, 2005).

Research Aim

This project at Royal Perth Hospital will evaluate a nurse led assessment clinic for glaucoma patients.  Only non-complex patients, who have been deemed suitable by an ophthalmologist will continue to attend these clinics.

Objectives are to:

  • Develop a training programme to upskill an ophthalmology RN to run a NLGAC and undertake the approved ophthalmic assessments
  • Improve patients’ knowledge, understanding and management of glaucoma through the provision of individualised glaucoma education
  • Improve non-complex glaucoma patients’ waitlist times by attending a NLGAC at RPH
  • Improve wait times for complex glaucoma patient to be seen by an Ophthalmologist
  • Evaluate the cost benefits of implementing of a NLGAC at RPH


Three NLGAC will be run per week with a total of 288 patients seen by the nurse over the course of four months.